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Kolonne Null - Riesling White 2019 - Edition Axel Pauly 0,25L

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The Kolonne Null Edition Axel Pauly Riesling Alcohol-Free Wine 2019 is one of a series of wines that actually manage with bravura to make the actually indispensable alcohol in wine dispensable. Alcohol is an important carrier of aromas and flavors - similar to fat in food. If this component is missing, the remaining extract substances are easily thrown out of balance, which is why non-alcoholic wines have only been enjoyable to a limited extent up to now. However, Kolonne Null's beverage technologists select only the best qualities in co-production with well-known family wineries. The selected base wines are then de-alcoholized in an extremely gentle manner.

Tastes Like
The Kolonne Null Edition Axel Pauly Riesling Alcohol Free Wine 2019 provides with elegant minerality and light acidity for real high feelings. Dense aromas of green apple, fresh lemons and juicy stone fruit combine with the characteristic slate spice to create a wonderfully fragrant, elegantly creamy bouquet.

How to enjoy it
A brilliant companion to seafood, vegetable and pasta or fine fruity desserts.


Good to know
Ingredients: Dealcoholized wine, sucrose, carbon dioxide, preservative: sulphur dioxide.
Nutritional information: per 100ml: Calorific value: 81 kJ / 19 kcal Carbohydrates: 2.9 g (of which 2.9 g sugar) Contains negligible amounts of fat, saturated fatty acids, protein, salt, protein 2. Residual sugar level: 29 g/L Acidity: 8 g/L Histamine level: 0.037 mg/L 
Allergens: Contains sulphites
Alcohol content: <0.33%
Origin: Germany

*Gluten-free, vegan, low-calorie

1) Non-alcoholic wine is legally considered a food, therefore this information must be provided.
2) This is not animal protein, but vegetable protein, which comes from the grapes. 
*Seasonal product: Variety and vintage-year may vary depending on availability 

*Adult beverage 

Kolonne Null - Riesling White 2019 - Edition Axel Pauly 0,25L