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Big Drop - Uptown Craft Lager

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Easy drinking, full-flavoured but elegant. Light herbal and floral hop aromas, a hint of caramel with peppered spiciness on the palate and a touch of orange at the end. 

Tastes Like
Aromas of light honey and pepper this lager is crisp, balanced with a suitable level of bitterness to ensure it has a dry, refreshing bite.

How to enjoy it 
Store and enjoy chilled.


Good to know
Ingredients: Water, barley, rye, wheat, hops, yeast, maltodextrin

Nutritional information: Per 100m: Energy 50.5kJ/11.8kcal, Fat 0.1g (of which saturates <0.1g), Carbohydrates 2.3g - (of which sugar <0.1g), Protein 0.3g, Salt <0.1g 

Allergens: barley, rye, wheat
Alcohol content:  <0.5%
Origin: UK


Ingredientes: Água, C, lúpulo, fermento, maltodextrina

Informações nutricionais: Por 100m: Energia 50,5kJ / 11,8kcal, Gordura 0,1g (dos quais satura <0,1g), Carboidratos 2,3g - (dos quais açúcar <0,1g), Proteína 0,3g, Sal <0,1g

Alérgenos: cevada, centeio, trigo
Vol. álcool: <0,5%
Consumir antes de: ver embalagem 


Big Drop - Uptown Craft Lager

€2,00 €2,75