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Drop Bear Beers - Bonfire Stout

€2,65 All prices inclusive of tax and exclude shipping.

This alcohol free stout is all about those specialty malts.

Tastes Like
Complex notes of roasted coffee and smoked malt awaken the senses whilst hints of dark chocolate burst through to create a carefully crafted balance of flavours. Inspired by the traditional Irish stout and German Rauchbier, this dark alcohol free ale provides a refreshing and smooth finish. 

How to enjoy it
Just a quick chill and take out of the fridge a little bit before you drink.


Good to know
Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Oats, Hops, Yeast

Nutritional information: Per 100 ml: Energy 21 cal/ 84.4kjs, Fat 0.9g (of which saturates <0.02g), Carbohydrates 3 g - (of which sugar 2 g), Protein 0.29g, Salt <0.003g

Allergens: Malted Barley, Wheat, Oats
Alcohol content: 0.5%
Origin: UK


Ingredientes: água, cevada maltada, trigo, aveia, lúpulo, fermento

Informações nutricionais: Por 100m: Energia 21 cal / 84,4kjs, Gordura 0,9g (dos quais satura <0,02g), Carboidratos 3 g - (dos quais açúcar 2 g), Proteína 0,29g, Sal <0,003g

Alérgenos: cevada maltada, trigo, aveia
Vol. álcool: 0,5%
País de origem: Reino Unido


    Drop Bear Beers - Bonfire Stout