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Gift Pack - Sparkling White

€40,00 All prices inclusive of tax and exclude shipping.

Sparkling White is the best way to tost the holiday season, and now you can chose of two options of sparkling wine to decide your favorite celebrate mindfuly and wake up ready for the next year. Don't forget to light the candle and make wishes for the new year! 

- Château del ISH - Sparkling White
- Wild Life Botanicals - Nude
- Candle

Tastes Like
Château del ISH - Sparkling White is a blend of Pinot Blanc and Silvaner grapes delivers an initial sweetness that transforms on the palate to a wonderful, refreshing acidity. While the Wild Life Botanicals - Nude is high in plant-power, feel good with every glass and enjoy the benefits of calming lemon balm, soothing damask rose, mood-boosting ashwagandha, rich-in-antioxidant rosemary, and stimulating damiana. 

How to enjoy it
Serve chilled in a champagne flute


Good to know

Ish White
Ingredients: Alcohol-removed wine. Grape must. Rectified Ascorbic acid. Preservative: concentrated grape must. Carbon dioxide. Antioxidant: Sulphites
Nutritional information: Energy 91 kJ (22 kcal), Fat/ <0.5 g - of which saturates <0.1 g,  Carbohydrate 5.2 g - of which sugars 4.5 g, Protein <0.5 g, Salt <0.01 g
Allergens: Contains Sulfites. The concentration of SO2 is greater than the 10 mg/L limit described in Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011.
Alcohol content: 0.0%
Origin: Germany 
Ingredientes: Vinho sem álcool. Mosto de uva. Ácido ascórbico retificado. Conservante: mosto de uva concentrado. Dióxido de carbono. Antioxidante: Sulfitos
Informação nutricional: Energia 91 kJ (22 kcal), Gordura / <0,5 g - dos quais satura <0,1 g, Carboidratos 5,2 g - dos quais açúcares 4,5 g, Proteína <0,5 g, Sal <0,01 g
Alérgenos: Contém Sulfitos
Vol. álcool: 0.0%
País de origem: Alemanha

Wild Life Nude
Ingredients: De-alcoholised wine (95.5%), grape must concentrate, Wild Life Botanicals® Uplifting Elixir, natural Flavourings, white wine extract, potassium benzoate. tannins, gum arabic.

Nutritional information: Per 100ml: Energy 115 kJ/27kcals. Fat 0.7g of which saturates 0.5g Carbohydrates 3.8g, of which Sugars 2.4g. Protein 0.6g. Salt <0.1g.

Allergens: Contains Sulphites
Alcohol content: 0.5%
Origin: UK

*You will also benefit from vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12 and C, perfect for boosting your immune system and metabolism, and treating you to a natural pick-me-up. 
It is also vegan friendly and contains 60% fewer calories than Champagne and Prosecco, with every glass delivering a minimum 15% of your daily reference intake of minerals and vitamins. 


Ingredientes: Vinho sem álcool (95,5%), concentrado de mosto de uva, Wild Life Botanicals® Uplifting Elixir, Aromas naturais, extrato de vinho branco, benzoato de potássio. taninos, goma arábica.

Informações nutricionais: Por 100ml: Energia 115 kJ / 27kcals. 0,7g de gordura, da qual satura 0,5g Carboidratos 3,8g, dos quais 2,4g de açúcares. Proteína 0,6g. Sal <0,1g.

Alérgenos: Contém sulfitos
Vol. álcool: 0.5%
País de origem: UK

    Gift Pack - Sparkling White