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Avaa - Verjus - 490 mL

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Verjus is a "green juice", to say it literally. It is the sour juice of unripe or not fully ripe grapes, which in the past was used primarily where there were no lemons to acidify food. Today, it is valued as a vinegar alternative, especially in wine regions such as Alsace, and is used to refine sauces, as a seasoning or for deglazing.

This verjus is produced from grapes grown in the Palatinate region by a young Berlin-based start-up company. Founders Jakob Karberg and Benjamin Müller used verjus in their work with cocktails, but found that it was both hard to come by and often not of the desired quality. So they set out on their own to find a good recipe and suitable grapes. For their Avaa Verjus, they use organically grown grapes from the Palatinate region. Three grape varieties give the verjus aroma and complexity. It can be used like a vinegar - without being one. 

Tastes Like
Avaa Verjus is fruitier than a vinegar, yet not too grapey, less acidic and has a slightly herbaceous aroma. It brings gentle, fruity acids to food, is very suitable for Asian dishes and vegetables and especially for refining mixed drinks and summer lemonades.

How to enjoy it
Simply mixed with sparkling water (in a ratio of 1:4) or as a non-alcoholic spritz with a grape sparkling wine (in a ratio of 1:5).

490 mL

Good to know
Ingredients: Ginger*, cane sugar*, lemon*, water, spices* (*organic origin)

Nutritional information: Per 110ml: Energy 236 kJ / 56 kcal / Fat 0 g /
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g / Carbohydrates 13,8 g / thereof sugar 12,3 g / Protein 0 g / Salt 0 g

Alcohol content: 0.0%
Origin: Germany



    Avaa - Verjus - 490 mL