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The tastiest non-alcoholic spirits, wines, beers and ciders delivered to your door in Portugal.

Our carefully selected drinks will help you enjoy the moment and celebrate real connections.

Have a good night and a good morning after too.

Whoever said we need booze to have a good time clearly didn't know what they were talking about.

Dive into a healthier lifestyle.

A clear head and a rested body are key to nailing the day ahead and you know it.


Say hello to our exciting boutique brands of spirits, wines, beers and mixers. Tasty, consciously crafted...and of course, alcohol-free!

It's not just about being alcohol-free. We covered all the bases to make sure only the best products come your way - the most delicious, sustainably-minded, cool beverages out there. Are you ready to start celebrating life mindfully?


As a pregnant woman I struggled to find options of drinks that were tasty and felt "socially-appropriate". Thanks to The Other Bottle, I discovered that my social life can still exist. I've became hooked on GinISH, Lyre's and Wild Life!

Sylvia M.

With the pandemic I took advantage of going through a detox and realised how much my body and mind needed it! I resorted to Alcohol-free beer but the ones I found in Portugal didn't have a spectacular taste. I tried the beer that TOB sells and it's delicious!

Peter D.

No more headaches the morning after! I'm so happy a friend introduced me to The Other Bottle. They have helped me see the world in a much clearer way!

Beatriz M.