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Striking the right balance

We're social beings - there's no denying we build ourselves around our relationships. And it's not a bold assumption to say that alcohol is pretty rooted in our culture, right? Think about it: We toast with champagne. We bring a bottle of wine when we go to someone's house for dinner. It just seems to be always there.

But lately, some of us might have started to question that - so if you're not drinking for whatever reason, this is for you. We get it and that's what inspired us to start The Other Bottle: we want to bring all the fun and bonding that alcohol allows, minus the harmful side effects. We want to embrace a new way of celebrating life and we want you to join us. Saúde!


It's important for us that we are mindful in all of our choices. As an online-shop, we were concerned about our carbon footprint, so we decided to take action.

We have partnered with Tree Nation to off-set our CO2 emissions. Every purchase you make, The Other Bottle plants a tree! That’s our bit.

Great news is, you can also do yours when shopping with us. Thanks to our other partnership with Carbon Check Out, when in your cart, a simple click on the Carbon Check Out button will add a contribution to renewable energy projects around the world - and that can be your bit.

Our products

Tasty & Alcohol-free...what else do we need?

We are bringing to Portugal a specially curated collection of brands from Europe that tick all our boxes: tasty, handcrafted, made with sustainable principles...and of course alcohol-free.