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The Sober-Curious Wave

The sober-curious trend hit the shores of Europe and the US like a wave of good news. Although it had started before the pandemic, it certainly benefited from the time we had to re-examine our lives over the past 16 months. For those wondering what we are talking about, the first thing to know about this movement is that is all about curiosity - more so, it's an invitation to ask ourselves when, how and why we drink, providing us with a healthier and more intentional relationship with alcohol.

The reasons to give sober curiosity a go are many. Some of us might have felt the urge to take better care of our mental and physical health (oh, those anxiety-inducing hangovers…), others might be questioning the status quo, searching for true social connection or simply have been feeling tired of the same old ''work, sleep, drink, repeat'' routine. 

Surfing on that wave is some of the hippest and bravest brands out there, bringing a new range of products to give consumers well-crafted, unique and ambitious drinks - proving that the social connection we seek, especially now, is not in the alcohol content but in the ritual of being together and drinking something amazing. 

We hope you felt inspired to learn more about the sober-curious wave and a great way to start is sneak peaking in our store. We are pretty sure you will find something that will blow your mind!