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Le Tribute Olive Lemonade - 200 mL

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After carefully peeling the lemons and setting aside the peels for maceration and distillation, the team extracts the juice, utilizing it as the foundational element for their lemonade creation.

In their process, the team distills lemon peels in water, accompanied by a small quantity of olives to extract their oils and aromas. This unique combination imparts a subtle yet unmistakable olive touch to the beverage.

A distinct touch is added to the blend by incorporating a hint of seawater. This addition serves to elevate the flavors of both the olives and lemons, creating a harmonious and nuanced taste experience.

The team extracts water from a spring within their own distillery through a meticulous process of reverse osmosis, ensuring the highest level of purity in every drop.

The creation of smooth and long-lasting fizz is attributed to Fizz's expertise. Achieved through gentle and integrated carbonization, combined with chilling the liquid to 2ºC before bottling, their commitment to quality guarantees a refreshing and effervescent experience for all.

Le Tribute Olive Lemonade - 200 mL