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Martini - Floreale - 750 ml

€10,50 All prices inclusive of tax and exclude shipping.

Martini's non-alcoholic aperitifs are produced in the same way as their alcoholic counterparts - only the alcohol is gently removed from the wine at the beginning of the production process.

Tastes Like

The natural extracts of the high-quality botanicals are then added to create the multi-layered character. The flavour profile of Floreale is complex, herbal and refreshing. Nuances of Roman chamomile add a floral flair to the aperitif.

How to enjoy it

Tastes wonderfully refreshing mixed with tonic (50:50). Serve with plenty of ice in a balloon glass.


Good to know

Allergens: Contains sulphites
Alcohol content: 0,0%
Origin: Italy

*Adult beverage

    Martini - Floreale - 750 ml