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How to Drink Mindfully this Holiday Season 

The Holiday Season is full of contradictions and extremes. It can be the happiest of times and yet, it can also be the most difficult of times. It can mean happy family gatherings, incredible food and fun parties with friends, as much as it can mean overloaded social schedules, meaningless shopping obligations and overindulgence. 

Most of us feel the pressure to do and enjoy ALL the things, and undeniably, drinking plays one of the lead roles in the grand spectacle that is December. That month-long hangover can at times come at the cost of our mental and physical health. 

But, if the search for balance is what you have in mind for this year, let us enlighten you with ways to have a more intentional relationship with alcohol during the festivities:

1 - Plan things that don't revolve around alcohol: Go out with friends, re-decorate, visit local markets or go for a country walk. There’s so much to do out there!

2 - Reflect: Take time to reflect before having each drink.

3 - Hydrate: Drink lots and lots of water and remember to always bring a bottle with you when going out.

4 - Alternate between alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks: That way, you will always have a glass in your hand!

5 - Have fun alcohol-free alternatives around: There’s more to alcohol-free life than coffee and tea. Explore our website for some amazing options.

6 – Exercise: Nothing like sweating out the alcohol… and the Christmas dinner! 

Happy (mindful) Holidays!