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The Alcohol-Free Side of The Craft Beer Scene

Big Drop was launched in 2016 as the world’s first brewer dedicated to alcohol-free beer by City lawyer, Rob Fink and long-time friend James Kindred. Both had recently become fathers and were looking to cut back on the booze but could not find any decent alternatives to their favourite craft beers.

Big Drop is for everyone who, for whatever reason, wants to enjoy a beer but without the alcohol. They could be driving, looking after kids, pregnant, on a diet, going back to work after lunch, getting up early the next day, training for a triathlon. And to be as inclusive as possible, Big Drop has also made a big effort to be low calorie, gluten-free and vegan-friendly whenever possible.

Rob says: “We sit in the craft beer scene – we’re unashamedly craft and about 80% of our consumers drink alcohol on a regular basis. So, really we seem to scratch an itch that drinkers of craft beer have – that sometimes you just want a great beer, but you don’t want the alcohol.”

“We brew our beer naturally to 0.5% ABV, without the need to artificially extract alcohol like most alcohol-free offerings, but that means we’ve had to turn the rules of brewing upside down.”

If you love craft beer, but you don't want to drink alcohol for whatever reason - head over to The Other Bottle and give Big Drop a go!